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Digital Programme

Motoko Ishibashi, Yuto Kudo, Mimei Thompson, Ben Toms, Urara Tsuchiya

For Glasgow International 2021, Give us a Meow consists of a pair of collaboratively produced film projects. The first work is a collaboration between artists Urara Tsuchiya and Ben Toms that was originally conceived for GI2020.

The second is a new moving image collaboration between three artists: Tsuchiya, Japanese photographer Yuto Kudo, and London-based artist Motoko Ishibashi. Loosely based on the 1898 Japanese novelĀ Konjiki Yasha ('The Golden Demon') by Ozaki Koyo, the work explores a tragic love story mixed with the artists' own experiences of abusive male behaviour. The work combines fictional stories with real experiences in a fantastical setting to explore gender-based violence entangled with love.

Also on display are new paintings by London-based artist Mimei Thompson.

Supported by Glasgow International