Sulaïman Majali

Sulaïman Majali
false dawn
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover
10 Dumbreck Rd, Bellahouston, Glasgow G41 5BW
24 Apr — 10 May 2020
Fri 24 April – Sun 10 May Mon – Sun, 10am – 5pm
This exhibition was due to take place during Glasgow International 2020, 23 April – 10 May, which has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The festival will be re-staged in 2021 with dates to be announced.

false dawn invokes Scheherazade from the folktale ‘1001 Nights’ and imagines her as a radical disruptor who maps and obstructs the colonial matrix. In telling stories to survive a tyrant who would kill her at dawn, Scheherazade ensures her survival by pausing each tale and continuing the following evening.

Taking its name from a zodiacal light visible on the horizon before dawn, the exhibition proposes the tales – subsumed by Orientalism and encountered through a diasporic optic – as a vehicle for spatial and temporal disruption. false dawn takes creasing and folding as modes of rupture, through a living Scheherazade who performs collapse within the apparatus of disposability and maps divergence as a weapon to be deployed in the house of an enduring imperial imaginary.

Supported by Glasgow International

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