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Bryony Rose, Frank Polatch, George Ridgway, Jessie Whiteley, Lewis Prosser, Lilian Ptáček, Lizzie Watts, and Megan Jones

SWIAC Scavenger Hunt


Say What I am Called invites you to an evening of treasure hunting, code-breaking and reality-altering play in the Laurieston area.
After finding a long-forgotten manuscript in the Caledonia Road church, 4 teams are tasked with finding hidden artifacts that unlock an eerie local mystery. Guided by some peculiar characters and a collection of medieval riddles, participants will work together to decipher the clues and collect the booty that has been lying in wait. Can you find all the artifacts before the developers, or will the secrets of the book remain hidden forever?

This event is free and child-friendly, we would encourage anyone looking for a new way to interact with the city to come along; no booking required.

Sat 28th April, 7-10pm

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