Walker & Bromwich
Recalled to Life
GI online
11 Jun — 31 Jul 2021

At 240-feet long, the Easterhouse Mosaic was one of the largest handmade murals in Europe, well-loved locally and one of the most significant works of post-war public art commissioning. Unveiled in 1983 and widely celebrated, it nonetheless fell into disrepair and was decommissioned in 2004. Platform have commissioned collaborative artist duo Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich to uncover the radical working-class history of this lost community artwork.

Through a short film, Walker and Bromwich are bringing physical fragments of the mosaic back to life through re-enactments and eyewitness stories. From Platform to the ruins of the wall at Lochend Road the artists and residents are restaging the mosaic’s five-act narrative of work, housing, education, socialism and ecology.

Supported by Glasgow International


Digital Exhibition online from 11 June

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