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Payment and Invoicing

Glasgow Life processes GI financial transactions; therefore organisations and individuals participating in the festival must submit all invoices as follows:

  • In PDF format
  • Invoices must include your reference number
  • Addressed to: Glasgow Life, 38 Albion Street, Glasgow G1 1LH.
  • Payment schedule (see below)
  • Self-employed individuals must also complete a GL Tax Liability Disclaimer. Download this by clicking here

Glasgow International will be unable to pay you or your organisation without this information.

Standard payment period for Glasgow Life is 30 days from the date the invoice is received. Any questions can be directed to

On receipt of a full invoice, we will pay the total amount in installments. The payment structure can be found in your contract. Please include this payment schedule in your invoice:

  • Payment 1 / Amount / Date (date of sending invoice)
  • Payment 2 / Amount / Date (4th November 2019)
  • Payment 3 / Amount / Date (25th May 2020)

Contracts and Terms and Conditions

Contracts will be distributed to the successful applicants involved in the Across the City Programme.

Participants are required to complete and return contracts to Glasgow International Festival Office, Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD, by 2nd September 2019

This contract will outline your obligations as a participant and/or recipient of GI funds and will also include your obligations relating to insurance, health and safety, securing a venue and communication requirements.


In the event that an artwork that has been commissioned or substantially funded by Glasgow International is sold within three years of the conclusion of the festival the organisation contracted by Glasgow Life (on behalf of the Glasgow International) will repay whichever is the lesser of:

  • The contribution from Glasgow International Festival
  • Thirty percent of the [gross] sale price of the artwork


All participants are required to contribute to the evaluation of the festival, including capturing attendance information and feedback from visitors. Failure to submit your evaluation and accurate visitor numbers by May 2020 will result in the final budget payment (10%) being withheld.

Accurate figures are very important to the funders of Glasgow International, and in turn we rely on your helpful participation in order to secure our future funding.

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