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Securing a Venue

It is the responsibility of each participant to secure their venue for the festival. Where possible, Glasgow International can offer advice with regards to possible sites and locations.

Venues need to be secured, at the latest, by 7th October 2019.


Each organisation is responsible for dealing with all technical requirements and ensuring Health and Safety compliance. Where possible, Glasgow International will offer advice with regards to completing risk assessments, and H&S of off-site spaces etc.

Responsibility also lies with each organisation to ensure all relevant permissions, insurances and licences are in place.  Where necessary, GI will request copies of insurance and permission documents.

Staffing and Volunteers

Project budgets should include invigilation costs, or details of how you intend to source volunteers/staff for your exhibition/event. Unfortunately it is not possible for Glasgow International to provide volunteer assistance.

Opening Hours and Access

All venues should be open 7 days a week during the Festival , Thursday 23rd April – Monday 10th May (many of our visitors are in town Sundays and Mondays). If this is likely to be an issue, you must speak to the team asap.

We also ask organisations to open late on each of the Thursdays during the festival, until 8pm (30th April and 7th May 2020). Our audience research has shown that the ‘twilight’ slot after work (5pm – 7pm) is attractive to visitors.

Opening Weekend

All venues need to be open to the general public on the morning of Thursday 23rd April 2020  i.e. before any ‘launch/preview’ event that evening.

A schedule of opening events will be drawn up by Glasgow International in advance of the festival and we aim to geographically cluster events where possible as in 2016 (for example: City Centre North and North, City Centre and South, East & West). We suggest that opening events take the form of short receptions or over a longer time slot, to allow people to drop in.

Once confirmed, times of opening / closing events will be added to a list that can be downloaded by subscribers to the Glasgow International website and will be available to visitors to our festival hub. Organisations are responsible for issuing invitations for their own previews.


Your marketing form asks you to complete questions about accessibility of your venue including:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Wayfinding for off-site / hard to find venues

For some additional information and assistance, check out Euan’s Guide, a digital charity that is helping to open up towns and cities to disabled people everywhere.  Here you can find much more information about venue accessibility and listings of venues that have already been reviewed and rated.


All participants are required to contribute to the evaluation of the festival, including capturing attendance information and feedback from visitors. Failure to submit your evaluation and accurate visitor numbers by May 2020 will result in the final budget payment (10%) being withheld.

Accurate figures are very important to the funders of Glasgow International, and in turn we rely on your helpful participation in order to secure our future funding.

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