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Update: GI’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

by Glasgow International, November 30, 2020


As outlined in our September post on our commitment to anti-racism we will be publishing updates on our actions quarterly. Below is a list of our current actions. A further update noting progress and additional action will be published in February 2021.


We are researching anti-racist curatorial practice. The curatorial team are having a monthly meeting dedicated to presenting and sharing work from BIPOC artists and particularly those working outside of the Euro-American context. The curatorial team researches methodologies of anti-racist curatorial practice and how to actively embed them in our working practices.

We will commission BIPOC guides to create and run tours during GI2021 around works in the festival that interest them. This action is to facilitate BIPOC authorship of the GI programme.

We will facilitate events around Director’s Programme exhibitions with BIPOC communities. In conversation with the artists, these may include closed-door events, artist tours for specific groups, facilitated conversations. We will establish partnerships with practitioners working with BIPOC communities in Glasgow to facilitate engagement.

We have an all-staff fortnightly reading group around anti-racism. This action is to ensure the whole team are involved in anti-racist research and working.

We have an anti-racism working group. We are having regular (currently weekly) meetings to push forward and report on anti-racist actions.

We are reviewing our working practices and how these relate to working with BIPOC artists so that we can create new guidelines around anti-racism. This action is to interrogate our working practices, to implement better practices around safety and care in the relationships we have with artists and partners, whilst embedding the expectations we have with staff and partners.

Incorporating anti-racism in to our recruitment processes. We are working with Glasgow Life HR to update our recruitment processes in order that we reach more BIPOC candidates and also that any newly recruited BIPOC staff members are supported in their roles. We are learning about legal and HR frameworks, exploring best practice and examples from other organisations, such as foregrounding lived experience alongside areas of knowledge, skills and professional experience.

We are working to appoint an accountability partner in 2021. The accountability partner will function as a critical friend, reflecting on the anti-racist work we are currently engaged in and helping us shape our future work. They will gain insight into the key functions and ambitions of GI, with access to the staff team and advisory board over a 12-month period. There would be ongoing dialogue happening throughout. The current timeframe spans a festival iteration in 2021. They will observe all areas of the festival operation including planning, recruitment, implementation, programming, marketing, festival delivery, evaluation, debrief and reflection. We have committed budget to this work and have had initial conversations with two organisations. We plan to appoint the partner in 2021.

Anti-racism is a standing agenda item for our Advisory Board meetings. This action is to ensure we are reporting back to our board and that they are engaged in this work.

We will reach out to other arts organisations in Scotland and beyond who are doing anti-racist work. In order to create networks of accountability, learning, sharing and support.

We will signpost people who buy our artist editions to consider making a donation to an organisation supporting BIPOC artists. At the moment this directs to We Are Here Scotland’s Creators Fund.

We will work with Glasgow Museums to contextualise the Glasgow Life buildings that GI occupies during the festival for visitors in our online and publicity materials. This action is to acknowledge Glasgow’s role in empire and the transatlantic slave trade.


These actions have been implemented by the GI Team working with Naomi Shoba, Senior Arts, Music and Diversity Manager at Glasgow Life.

We welcome any questions, reflections or feedback- if you’d like to get in touch please email info@glasgowinternational.org