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Update: GI’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

by _editor, March 19, 2021

Update: GI's Commitment to Anti-Racism

As outlined in our original post on our commitment to anti-racism we are publishing updates on our actions quarterly. Below is a list of our current actions and some updates on previously published actions. A further update noting progress and additional action will be published next quarter.


Actions to be delivered for GI2021


We will create an opportunity for emerging BIPOC artists and curators to apply to receive a travel bursary to attend the 2021 festival. GI will facilitate studio visits with relevant artists (Covid-19 restriction dependent).

Through partnership support new opportunities have been created for emerging BIPOC artists and curators to participate and contribute to GI2021. We will look to build on this for future iterations of the festival.

We will commission a BIPOC reviewer or writer as a ‘critic in residence’ to respond to projects from the GI2021 programme with text published on the GI website. 

We are working to embed anti-racism into our volunteering programme. It is GI’s responsibility to ensure that its anti-racism commitment extends to the Volunteer Programme. This includes ensuring that anti-racism is thought about and acted upon at every stage of the volunteer process: defining of volunteer roles, advertising and call out, recruitment, training, scheduling, on-going support and debrief. It also means that in committing to volunteer for GI, that volunteers sign up to GI’s anti-racism commitment, and are given training to support how they will enact this in their roles.


Previously published actions with new updates

We are working to appoint an accountability partner in 2021. Update: This initial approach as described in our previous actions list was unsuccessful. We are now taking a different approach for which we will be reaching out to a group of individual practitioners with a view to creating a group of accountability partners. We plan to appoint these partners by the Autumn.


Longer term actions for delivery in 1-3 years


We will undertake an internal audit of artist fees and how production budgets are generated for artists in the commissioned programme for GI2021 and in previous festivals, to allow us to identify how far GI has supported BIPOC artists and to aid us setting informed future actions

We will review the programming of Glasgow International and research alternative approaches for the organisation that would allow for, for example, programming by/with external BIPOC practitioners.

We will undertake a long term project engaging communities, for instance with an artist in the commissioned programme, aiming for a two year lead on activity.

We will establish a partnership with a Glasgow-based organisation working with young people from BIPOC communities to facilitate visits and artist tours during the festival.


Permanent ongoing actions


Previously published actions with new updates

Incorporating anti-racism into our recruitment processes. Update: We have committed to require candidates in all future recruitment to respond to a question on their approach to anti-racism in their work.

We will reach out to other arts organisations in Scotland and beyond who are doing anti-racist work. Update: We are aiming to have our first meeting with a group of arts organisations in Scotland before GI2021, we expect this will be a quarterly meeting.

We are reviewing our working practices and how these relate to working with BIPOC artists so that we can create new guidelines around anti-racism. Update: This document will be in use for GI2023