Springburn District Library And Museum
179 Ayr Street G21 4BW

Built as a public library in 1904 later set up as a museum in the reading room of the Springburn Library. The original Museum was the first independent community museum in Glasgow and told the story of the rise, decline and rebirth of the industrial community of Springburn. It highlighted the importance of railway manufacturing to the area and its place in the global context. It continued to provide a community-based resource for historical reference throughout this period, but due to financial difficulties, it finally closed in March 2003 dispersing the collection between other Glasgow museums. Subsequently, the disused Museum has not been used as a civic or cultural space ever since.


In early 2019 curator Thomas Abercromby worked with Springburn community council to conducted a design charrette, consisting of a series of workshops over several months, asking: Where is the starting point for collaboration? What does the community seek to improve? And are there foundational values that help pave the way for effective solutions for building healthy and prosperous communities? The final report concluded that the Springburn District Library and Museum should be back in public ownership to facilitate cultural activities for the community. Now local community organisations are seeking to purchase the venue through an asset transfer from the local government to transform the building into an independent multi-use community space to deliver an exciting and ambitious art programme.