Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Bobbi Cameron

B+W close up image of a man in his 50s with sandy hair playing violin and looking intently at the music.]
B+W image of an older white man holding a guitar in profile and in sharp focus, another white male behind him playing the accordion in medium focus, a third white male behind him playing the violin out of focus.]

Bobbi Cameron is an artist and energy worker based on the Isle of Seil, off the west coast of Scotland. Cameron works across sound installation, moving image, performance and text as a conduit for her Celtic shamanic practice. Her work explores and celebrates the inherent queerness of communications between human and spirit alongside perspectives of care within contemporary art practice.

Cameron is the 2023/4 selected artist for Scottish Sculpture Workshop x Counterflows Festival Carers Residency. Current projects include I’m attended as a portal myself, a duo show with Owain Train McGilvary for Glasgow International 2024 and Travelling Gallery 2024 exhibition in partnership with Hospitalfield Arts. Cameron has presented solo exhibitions with CT20, Folkestone 2020 and An Tobar, Isle of Mull 2022. In 2022, she curated and produced interdisciplinary festival An Tobar Festival: Daughter of Cups in the North as an extension of her solo exhibition An Tobar for which she was nominated to the Scottish Women’s Awards for her contributions to arts and culture. Cameron has recently been awarded the VACMA Argyll and Bute Award and has been awarded residencies with Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Hospitalfield, Cove Park, National Theatre of Scotland, //BUZZCUT//, Centre for Live Art Yorkshire and Live Art Development Agency. Cameron holds an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art.


  • Programme
    I’m attended as a portal myself
    Three topless bodies with traditionally 'male' physiques with toned muscles are dancing in a club, the image is quite pixelated suggesting it is archival