Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Additional Access Information: Peace Arbour

There will be an outside space opposite the library, which will be step free from the street level and other elements will take place in different spaces in the library, the foyer, event space and main library space


Next Bike stop less than 3 mins away
Bus stop and route numbers: 18, 46, 64 and 263 stop at the end of Landressy Street
Low level trains go from Glasgow Central to Bellgrove Station (10 mins walk away) and Bridgeton Station is 2 mins away. Both stations have steps and no lift.
Drop off point is available directly outside the front door of the venue and the kerb is dropped for wheel chair access. Parking is available on the street

Venue Accessibility

There is a lift to the upstairs gallery and the community room as well as to the archive.
There is step free access to all exhibition spaces, access is level
There are accessible gender neutral toilets in different parts of the building - one on the ground floor of the library, one in the event space and one in the upstairs gallery.
A hearing loop system is available in the main event space and a portable loop can be used elsewhere
Assistance dogs are permitted and water is provided.
Seats are available if required and these are moveable.

For full access enquiries

Finding the exhibitions

There will be artworks in the main event space as you enter to the left and in the upstairs gallery to the right of the entrance. Information staff will be there to guide and maps will also be available. Outside the building opposite the main entrance is the garden space where the Wish Trees are situated. There will be a Yoko Ono Peace flag on the side of the building. There is a BSL film on the venues website to provide full information about the venue.

Exhibition description

The exhibition consists of three main display areas. Opposite the main entrance on the other side of the road is a garden space populate with 7 low rectangular raised beds. In each bed there are sapling fruit trees of different varieties interspersed with fruit bushes. The beds are placed on the edge of two sides of the gardens at angles. In the middle there is a ring of 8 native trees in round whiskey barrels. On the side of four of the barrels is a sign that reads Wish. These trees will hold wishes visitors hang on them.

Opposite the garden on the side of the building a white flag hangs reading Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, Imagine Peace.

The exhibition continues inside with archival displays in the welcome foyer in a glass case to the right. To the left of the Library space is an entrance into GWL's event space (with automated doors). Under the mezzanine floor directly opposite the entrance there is an exhibition space that will feature a participatory work by Yoko Ono called Arising. Arising is a collection of testimonies from women who have experienced violence in their personal lives. The exhibition space is separated from the main area by a small hanging fabric. On the small wall next to the window Reiko Goto Colins has created a reading space with rescued plants. The space contains a wooden bookshelf with Reiko's own text, including Japanese books, two large indoor plants and some details about the space. We will install tactile strips to help guide visually impaired visitors.

Upstairs to the other side of the library space the exhibition continues with works by Zana Araki. Zana's work is formed from tree barks and other materials recognised for their tactile and soothing qualities. Some sculptures will be hanging in the middle of the gallery space whilst others will be on the floor. The space is fully accessible for wheel chair users.


Airsing installation contains stories of harm and violence that may be upsetting.