Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Amaka Obioma

Amaka Obioma is a Multimedia & Performance artist who lives and works in Ibadan.

A woman with a black top stands against a wall of collaged newspapers, that says "I am sorry".

Amaka has worked with communities in Ibadan, Lagos, Kaduna and Osogbo to host workshops, talk sessions, virtual exhibitions and artistic research, developing strong connections and exchanges between academia, the arts and musicians in these cities.

Her recent curatorial projects include ‘Among Us’ an interdisciplinary project that makes use of AR as museum technology by Open Country Mag and Africa No Filter; and ‘Within the Trees’ an initiative towards artistic response to environmental change by Prince Claus Funds and Goethe-Institut.

She is currently a founding member of the collective ‘Tantdile Xperimenta Lab’ who collaborate with the public through art to co-create a communal discussion on social issues.

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