Glasgow International 2020

Alessandro Di Massimo

Alessandro Di Massimo (b. 1983 in Giulianova, Italy) lives and works in Edinburgh, UK. Di Massimo’s work seeks to reconsider iconographic and common images, investigating the unknown communicative and narrative possibilities within them. He uses a broad set of media such as interactive installation, animation, optical illusion and drawing and his projects are often inspired by popular songs, movies, and historical events.

Since 2013, Di Massimo has developed a thematic-based research about the use of mapping and cartography in contemporary art practice. In doing so, he intends to respond to the influx of globalisation, and to comment on the general public’s relation with geography, understood in its philosophical and political aspects.

Solo shows include:  Enough, The Number Shop Studios, Edinburgh, Scotland (2016); I’ll Be Your Mirror, Interviewroom11 Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (2014).

Group exhibitions include:  W.W.W. (Whole World Working) – Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (2016); Super Market Art Fair – Stockholm, Sweden (2015). 

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The Number Shop Studios and Gallery: Natasha Russell, Alessandro Di Massimo, Flo Gordon, Theo Cleary, Fiona Beveridge, Beck Tait, Iain Sommerville, Joe Coghill, Lewis Matheson, Natalie Doyle, Alistair Grant & Amalia Turkieltaub



The twelve artists of The Number Shop present REFRACTION: a sequence of screen-based works that mutate from the starting theme of Binge Watching. Taking the framework of the parlour game Telephone, REFRACTION brings together fields of stop-motion, digital animation, illustration and film in a 24-hour collaborative loop.

Tue 20 April – Tue 15 May
24 hours

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