Glasgow International 2020

Alessandro Marini

Alessandro Marini (b. 1994 in Glasgow, Scotland) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Marini is a Glasgow-based artist interested in multiple mediums including, but not limited to, photography, sculpture, painting and performance.

His current studies in architecture at the Glasgow School of Art have given him a different perspective on the visual arts. They have allowed him to better articulate his own ideas thoroughly through dialogue, drawings and models, as well as the ideas of others. His love for people has led him to work collaboratively with other artists and communities, exchanging knowledge, creating positive and meaningful interactions, whilst also making aesthetically pleasing pieces of visual art. 

Often Marini’s work takes inspiration from his surroundings, homing in on details and photographing them or deconstructing them to create more abstract forms made of diverse lines and colours. When working in three-dimensional formats he often uses found materials, exploring their different qualities, to create installations responding to the environment or simply in the hope of making a viewer feel something. The work produced for his course must often adhere to strict parameters, so he takes great pleasure in making without boundaries and letting the line lead him rather than premeditating each mark.

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