Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

All Walls Will Fall

All Walls Will Fall is a practice-based research project, inspired by the Palestinian Resistance, exploring the possibilities of radical education as a form of liberation. Focussing on ways in which imperialist, racist, classist, and patriarchal educational models can be unlearnt, All Walls Will Fall begins with a set of questions formed out of youth-led resistance movements in Palestine, and moves to explore these through experimental, artistic, and discursive ways of researching. It asks: What can we learn from the Palestinian cultural resistance movement? What are children and young people in Palestine teaching us about justice, love, solidarity, humanity, and freedom? How are art and culture related to liberation?

Jamie Bolland was born in Aberdeen and now lives in Glasgow with their partner and twin daughters. They are a primary school teacher specialising in additional support needs and activism within the trade union movement. They founded slo-mo books in 2013 and have been publishing poetry and other writing there and elsewhere including The Burning Sand, 2013-2016, and Dostoyevsky Wannabe 2021 with Denise Bonetti. They have more forthcoming in an anthology by Very Bon Books. Jamie makes performance work as the tin-foiled alter ego Mercuro-Chrome, exploring their experience as a survivor of the mental health system. Notable gigs include Supernormal festival, 2019, and the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, 2023.

Nadia Rossi is a Glasgow-based artist working in collaborative practice. Nadia embraces a do-it-together approach to explore how we can use play and performance as tools for social and political reimagining, often working with children and young people. Together they make things like sculpture, zines, banners, happenings and community events. Nadia is a co-founder of Rumpus Room and one-half of the artist duo Pester & Rossi.

Hussein Mitha lives in Glasgow. They often work with children and young people pursuing radical education at places such as Red Sunday School and Rumpus Room. Their work always stems from anti-imperialist and communist currents. They recently edited Paradise Now! A climate justice handbook for young people, with Deveron Projects 2022-23. Their collection, Vegetal Soul was published by Rosie’s Disobedient Press in 2023. Their visual art encompasses text and colour collages in vinyl decals and murals. Their 2023 mural, Wir Weben! (We weave!) at Agit, in Berlin, is a curse against the German state, inspired by Heinrich Heine's poem of the same name, and has at its centre a reproduction of a postage stamp made during the German Democratic Republic in solidarity with the Palestinian people.