Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Alma Simba

Alma Simba is a writer, historian and experimental sound artist interested in both the potentials and failures of words in capturing the human experience. Her subject matter is ancestral heritage and how indigenous Black Africans can communicate and explore this history through oral traditions, memory and imagination. Alma was awarded a BA in International History from The London School of Economics and Political Science. She has recently completed her MA in History at The University of Dar es Salaam with a focus on Tanzanian heritage housed in Germany. She was a Sensitive Provenances Research Fellow at The University of Göttingen in 2022 and is part of the Ajabu Ajabu audio-visual collective in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


  • Programme
    as a point of departure
    A photo of a sunset from a rocky beach, with a smaller similar image pasted onto the centre right of the image. There is text at the bottom of the image which reads "do you ever feel like you're... like you're floating?"