Annie Crabtree

Annie Crabtree is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Crabtree makes moving image work, drawing upon feminist theory to inform both concept and method. Crabtree studied at The Glasgow School of Art with an international exchange at San Francisco Art Institute, California. She has a masters of research in human geography from the University of Glasgow. Crabtree situates her practice in feminist geopolitics, the embodiment of politics within everyday lives, and emotional geographies, the understanding of emotion in terms of social and spatial articulation. Crabtree employs the aesthetics of video diary, educational video and documentary, layering imagery with voice-overs generated from conversations and borrowed texts.

Exhibitions and screenings

Exhibitions and screenings include: Body of Water, Femspectives: Glasgow Feminist Film Festival (2020); Body of Water, The Rare Disease International Film Festival, Rome (2019); Body of Water, Centre for Contemporary Art: Cinema, Glasgow (2019); Body of Water, Platform 2018, Edinburgh Art Festival (2018); My body is my most immediate tool, Glasgow Open House Festival (2017); WARM Sundays, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow (2017).


Residencies include: Cove Park, Experimental Film and Moving Image Residency in partnership with LUX Scotland and Alchemy Film Festival (2019); Hospitalfield (2017); New Glasgow Society (2016); Common Ground, Refresh Residency (2016); Hospitalfield, Interdisciplinary Residency (2015).


Events & performances