Annie Crabtree 'Tell me how do I feel?' (2019) Courtesy of the artist


Annie Crabtree

Annie Crabtree (b. 1989 in West Yorkshire, England) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.   Crabtree makes moving image work, drawing upon feminist theory to inform both concept and method. Crabtree studied Glasgow School of Art with an international exchange at San Francisco Art Institute, California. She has a masters of research in Human Geography from the University of Glasgow. Crabtree situates her practice in feminist geopolitics, the embodiment of politics within everyday lives, and emotional geographies, the understanding of emotion in terms of social and spatial articulation.  Crabtree employs the aesthetics of video diary, educational video and documentary, layering imagery with voiceovers generated from conversations and borrowed texts. In her recent film, Body of Water (2018), Crabtree turned the lens upon herself to examine violation of bodily integrity inflicted by medical procedures and social norms. Exploring traumatic memories of intense pain, complications from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and the prioritisation of fertility as her body’s foremost function, Crabtree positioned imagery of her post-surgery body alongside medical instruments in museum exhibits and footage of her body in water, presenting swimming as an act of reclaiming self-determination. Her current work continues from this, looking to intervene into the dominance of objectivity in medical discourse and diagnostic narratives with ‘less reliable’ subject experiences, investigating the construction of medical knowledge and how ecologies of medical practice are informed by (and inform) cultural norms, behaviours and assumptions. For more information visit: