Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way

Sheelagh Boyce is a quilter who lives and works in Glasgow. She studied education and taught in primary schools in Glasgow for 20 years. She lived in Berlin with her family from 2005 to 2007. Boyce started quilting in 2013 before establishing Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way with Annabelle Harty in 2016. She has a strong interest in architecture, art and design. Through the combination of teaching and nurturing her interest in the arts she has developed a strong understanding of the importance of design and communication.

Annabelle Harty lives and works in London and Wiltshire. Having lived in Havana, Cuba for a year she moved to Glasgow to study architecture at the Mackintosh. In her year out Harty worked for Martorell, Bohigas and Mackay in Barcelona on the Olympic Village, before returning to complete her diploma in Florence and Glasgow. After graduating, she worked for Benson + Forsyth for five years on the Museum of Scotland project in Edinburgh. She is a model-maker and skilled crafts person and in 2002 formed Henderson Press, a publishing business, through which she hand makes artists' books. She established Harty and Harty Architects in 1997 with her partner, Stephen Harty, where she still practices.

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: Art Basel OVR:2020, Linn Luhn, Basel (2020); Art Düsseldorf 2019, Linn Luhn, Dusseldorf (2019); Women of Food Resy Dinner, ICA, London, (2019); Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way, Lant Street Gallery, London, (2019); Design Exhibition Scotland, Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh, (2019).


Instagram: @arrangewhateverpieces