Awuor Onyango

Awuor Onyango is an artist who lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya. A writer, artist, filmmaker and photographer, Onyango is based in the pagan citadel of Nairobi in neo-colonial Kenya. Her practice is concerned with exploring politics of the personal, the body and the self as art. Her interests include exploring the Black African feminine, the gendered leanings of society, the archetypes and psycho-social role of the queer and various socio-cultural implications of ‘African-ness’.

Her aim is to question the colonial, the religious and the ‘globalised’ view of the African as believed by the African, the African diaspora and the colonialist and their kin. Her approach is experimental and often results in mixed media pieces and film and photo-based installations. In 2018 Awuor undertook a residency through Fòcas Scotland which was hosted by Street Level Photoworks.

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: School of Anxiety, Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg (2017); Appropriation and other practices, HBK Braunschweig (2018); A Celebration of Queer Love, Iwalewa Haus (2018); Genesis: Autonomous bodies, Iwalewa Haus (2018). 


Events & performances