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Beatrice Loft Schulz

Beatrice Loft Schulz (b. 1986 in Auckland, New Zealand) lives and works in Glasgow, UK.

Working across performance, installation and writing, Loft Schulz employs both manual and digital crafts such as tie dye, HTML coding and paper making in which the labour of the work is evident. These objects are often slight and require care, putting the viewer into a precarious relationship with their disintegration, damage, and destruction. These deal with the body’s gendered relationship to architecture and space, interacting with the specific theatricality of the different architectural spaces where they take place, such as the theatre, the museum, or the white cube. Channeling historical figures such as Joan of Arc and troubadora Beatrice de Dia, the performances exist in the slippage between the apparent authenticity of the embodied speaking subject and the experience of living in a body always already compromised, mediated, and observed by power.

For the past two years Laura Morrison and BLS have worked together, defining a continuous movement towards and away from friendship. They have worked on a series of projects including a residency and exhibition at Res (London) in 2015, a performance at Being Emotional at the Wellcome Collection (London), Their Wedding at the Swiss Performance Prize (Basel, Switzerland), the Transactions of Desire publication (Cornerhouse), and an artist’s talk at Islington Mill (Manchester) in 2016, and most recently wall murals and podcast for Feral Kin at Auto Italia in 2017.

Through these iterations, they have developed a format for parallel artistic practice that is perhaps indistinguishable from lived life, reflecting a conflicted desire for care and protection. LM’s practice includes painting, installation and writing, while BLS’s practice includes performance, sound and installation. Their work together results in a multitude of shared outputs and is encountered by the public as accumulated layers of adjacent work in a single lived space.

Solo shows include: ‘Chew and Spit’, Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland (2017); ‘Living Arrangement #’, Arcadia Missa, London, UK (2015); ‘Self Assessment’, Grove House, London, UK (2015).

Group and duo shows include: ‘Feral Kin’ (with Laura Morrison), Auto Italia South East, London, UK (2017); Glasgow Artist’s Moving Image Festival (with Alice Brooke), Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland (2016); ‘Ways of Living’, David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK (2016); ‘Plural Melts’, Berlin, Germany (2016); ‘Dual Habit’ (with Alice Brooke), Glasgow Project Rooms, Glasgow, Scotland (2016); ‘Bain Marie’ (with Laura Morrison), Res., London, UK (2015); ‘Dazzle Camouflage’, 3236RLS, London, UK (2014); ‘Rematerialising Feminism’, ICA, London, UK (2014).

Beatrice Loft Schulz, Laura Morrison

The Sticks


At Beatrice Loft Schulz’s flat on the Southside, she and Laura Morrison invite the public and special guests to be part of their work in progress – the next episode of their shared podcast series that will loosely explore the theme of shame..

Make a mosaic, read about bonsai, play with plasticine, cook, sew or chat. A special programme of events will include a dinner, a fashion show and dance karaoke.

Some of this will be recorded – at the artists’ and participants’ discretion – while other parts will remain undocumented and private, reflecting Loft Schulz and Morrison’s parallel artistic practice that is perhaps indistinguishable from lived life.

Supported by Glasgow International.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Sun, 12noon-5pm

Not accessible

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