Glasgow International 2020

Beck Tait

Beck Tait (b. 1997) lives and works in Edinburgh.

Currently studying Art History at the University of Edinburgh, Tait’s artistic practice intertwines with her academic interests. Specialising in Occult and Insular manuscripts within her degree, Tait creates illustrations and pieces of writing which are then grouped together and displayed in hand-made book form. She is inspired by the mundane and bittersweet moments in everyone’s lives, dull routines and small happenings that are so easily forgotten by their owners. Working usually in brown ink and pale watercolours, Tait creates compendiums of stories bound together by time, place or sometimes by nothing at all. Tait’s work operates in a grey area – tales of sex, adventure, worry and whimsy which are highly personal and specific are made public. All of the stories she utilises are real, lonely routines from her own life, the overheard secrets of strangers and quietly brilliant tales told by friends and family over tea are made legend within Tait’s compendiums – with or without permission.


Solo exhibitions include: The Grey People, inaugural show, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017

Group Exhibitions include: MELON – Slice 4, Edinburgh Art Festival, The Number Shop, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017.

The Number Shop Studios and Gallery: Natasha Russell, Alessandro Di Massimo, Flo Gordon, Theo Cleary, Fiona Beveridge, Beck Tait, Iain Sommerville, Joe Coghill, Lewis Matheson, Natalie Doyle, Alistair Grant & Amalia Turkieltaub



The twelve artists of The Number Shop present REFRACTION: a sequence of screen-based works that mutate from the starting theme of Binge Watching. Taking the framework of the parlour game Telephone, REFRACTION brings together fields of stop-motion, digital animation, illustration and film in a 24-hour collaborative loop.

Tue 20 April – Tue 15 May
24 hours

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