Glasgow International 2020

Claire Heuchan

Claire Heuchan (b. 1992 in Glasgow, Scotland) lives and works in the West Coast of Scotland.

Claire Heuchan is an award-winning blogger, Sister Outrider, a published author, a popular essayist, and Black feminist theorist. She writes about sexual politics, race dynamics, and identity. In addition to winning the Best Blog category for the 2016 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards and being shortlisted for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize, Heuchan’s essays are accessed around the world and have been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

Solo writings: What is Race? Who are Racists? Why Does Skin Colour Matter? And Other Big Questions (Spring 2018), written in partnership with Nikesh Shukla, published by Hachette Children’s Group

Group publications include: These Truths a Fire in Me: Vulnerability and Black Racial Politics, IN Catalyst Conversations on the Experimental Essay (2018), published by MAP; As a Blackwoman: On Black Scottish Identity, IN Title TBC (2018), published by Haus of Liberated Readers; Where there is a woman… IN F, M, or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary (2017/8), published by Knight Errant Press;  Redefining the Erotic: On Lorde and Liberation Politics, IN flow of non rational thought, published by Idle Women; Black Feminism Online: Claiming Digital Space, IN Nasty Women (2017), published by 404 Ink.
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Ajamu, Claire Heuchan, Nosheen Khwaja, Raju Rage, Kareem Reid & Camara Taylor

After Dark


GoMA hosts six artists in conversation, paying homage to the TV series After Dark, a late-night discussion programme broadcast between 1987 and 1997. What kinds of conversations would artists have After Dark?

This event is part of Polygraphs, a group exhibition centred on Abstract, by Hito Steyerl, which explores truth, fiction and evidence in a complex world. After Dark plays with the museum institution, the public and the private and how our spaces are informed by the conversations within them.

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