Glasgow International 2020

Craig Dow

Craig Dow engages photography and film as a hybrid subject/object straddling the divide between culture and nature. In his hands the camera acts as a technological medium and vehicle that can broaden an understanding of our experienced environment. Engaging light sensitive film in actions whereby it physically merges with the object depicted, the camera is used as a means to unite, rather than interrupt. The resulting imagery shows the possibility of a unity of subject and object, representation and abstraction, humankind and environment.

Exhibitions include: ACTINIC Photo Festival, Edinburgh, UK; Open Landscape, Worcester Museum of Contemporary Art, Worcester, UK; Resident 14, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, UK; Technology: High & Low, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA; Time and Time Again, East Wing Collection VIII Re-Launch with Dzifa Benson, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London, UK.

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Sofie Alsbo, Maria de Lima, Craig Dow, Timo Kube, Ines Rebelo and Francis Thorburn



For Cleave, six artists working across sound, sculpture, video, painting, photography and performance will install their artwork across three arches in a dynamic format that switches between minimal/maximal space and male/female artists.

The word ‘cleave’ means both to split and to adhere to – embodying acts of divergence, as well as convergence. Cleave begins as a concept split along natural lines of being that, when taken as a whole, establishes a common artistic expression linking the three arches into one coherent whole.

Supported by WAVEparticle as part of the award-winning Laurieston Art Strategy: Open Spaces.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Wed – Sun, 12 noon-5pm

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