Debbie Young

Debbie Young (b.1990 in Lanark, UK) lives and works in Glasgow, UK. Having been trained as a painter, Young uses various layers and mediums intuitively to create sculptural paintings which deal with time, as well as communicating ideas through authenticity, irreverent humour, a fervent curiosity for materials and objects, and absurd fictional narratives. The pieces are expansive yet met with a keen eye for details; abstract yet figurative. Like a memory the works themselves are abstracted and assembled making for a visual experience with a tangible atmosphere. Young attempts to break convention and let the power of imagination drive her work into something which expresses the vulnerability of the human existence.  Solo shows include: Slow Clap, Offspaceoffspace, Armour St, Glasgow, UK (2019); Train, 16 Nicholson Street Glasgow, UK (2019); 6 days sober, Galerie Vonkel, The Hague, Netherlands (2016). Group shows include: Out of Context, Tallinas Kvartals, Riga, Latvia, SID YOUNG, (2019); An indefinite Terrain, Trixie, Den Haag, Netherlands (2019); Hollst, Textil, Yaroslavl, Russia, SID YOUNG, (2018); The Emperor is Naked, Holesovicka Sachta, Prague, SID YOUNG, (2018). For more information visit: