Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Delaine Le Bas

A room with white walls and white fabric hanging from the ceiling which are painted with brightly coloured shapes and body parts. At the centre of the room sits a person in a long pink dress with red hair. Their face is covered by a blue and white mask.
A white room with white fabric hanging from the ceiling. On the walls outlines of human figures are painted. In the centre of the room is a canvas on a frame held up by 6 legs resembling human legs.


Born in Worthing 1965.

Disrupted education between the age of five to sixteen. Listening to Poly Styrene in 1978 dressing in vintage and handmade clothes.1980 goes to local art school. 1984 The house of Le Bas is created.

1985 Damian James Le Bas joins. 1986 to 1988 - Saint Martins School of Art London - art, clubbing, fashion and keeps travelling as a Lifeist** and Performalist*** in and across the UK and Europe, South Korea, Zimbabwe. Canada and Rajasthan. Works included in Venice Biennale, Prague Biennale, Gwangju Biennale and other art institutions internationally. It all continues...

Its where you come in... Delaine Le Bas, 2022

*Istory - Carolee Schneeman (1939 - 2019)

**Lifeist - Linda Montano (1942)

***Performalist - Hannah Wilke (1940 -1993)

With many thanks to Sands Murray-Wassink (1974).




Nashtime ando Worthing 1965.

Educatia oprime de mascar panj barsh ji ka deshu sho  barsh.

Ascultilas kai Poly styrene ande 1978 lelas pe peste tsoale antico hai sudeel andal vast. 1980 jeal kai scoala de arta.1984 o kher katai Le Bas sas cardino.

1985 O Damian James Le Bas alaturisailea.1986 ji Ka 1988 - saint Martins  scoala de arta London - arta, cluburi,moda hai calatorilas sar ek manush de viata hai manush de performanta ande hai peste o Regato Unit hai Europa, Sud korea,Zimbabwe.Canada hai Rajasthan.karalas buki ando Venice Biennale,Prague Biennale,Gwangju Biennale hai aver instituti de arta internationalo. sea continuil…

Si cai tu aves andre…Delaine Le Bas,2022

*Istoria - Carolee Schneeman (1939 -2019)

Manush de viata - Linda Montano (1942)

Manush de performanta - Hannah Wilke (1940 - 1993)

Cu but multumiri kai Sands Murray - Wassink (1974).