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Florrie James

Florrie James (b.1986) England, lives and works in Glasgow.

James is a painter and film-maker and graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2010. James acknowledges that fiction is an indispensable tool rather than a luxury and that it gives us the necessary space to concentrate on things in a separation from verbal and social languages. James was commissioned by Collective Gallery to make the short film Brighthouse, a drama set in the future in East Glasgow. In 2014 James made Mountaintop Administration, filmed in locations that are entangled by processes of privatisation and psychic foreclosure. James was awarded the Margaret Tait Residency in Orkney to finish O.K. Rick, in which two women travel around the island taking details for a national census. Along the way their project re-forms as they change the census questions to more philosophical enquiries into the nature of land ownership.

Group exhibitions include: 1957 Chevy Apparition, Market Gallery, Glasgow, 2017 where James showed a collaboratively made series of short films made in Cuba with Ross Little; LUX Scotland Expanded Cinema Screening at Counterflows Festival, CCA, Glasgow, 2016; Integrity Painting Prize, Glue Factory, Glasgow, 2015; O.K. Rick, Margaret Tait Residency Screening, Glasgow Film Festival, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow, 2015; Brighthouse, All Sided Games offsite event, Cineworld parkhead, Glasgow, 2014; Attention Deficit Reductionalism, Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow, 2014.

Florrie James, Sam Bellacosa

4 Day Weekend Underground


4 Day Weekend Underground is an adventure ‘road movie’ set 20 years in the future on the west coast of Scotland. Artist Florrie James and writer Sam Bellacosa use improvisation to create a narrative represented by a loose, chaotic and undesigned image.

Runner, a fearless young traveller, moves illegally across bureaucratic land divisions, evading surveillance and detection. He makes curious new acquaintances, and is helped by underground activists. Made in collaboration with actor Roman Ibragimov and artist Martin Steuck.

Supported by Glasgow International, Creative Scotland, Hope Scott Trust, Cove Park and The Bridge Awards.

Free; booking required. Book via Eventbrite.

Sat 5 May – Sun 6 May
Sat & Sun, 7pm-9pm

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