France-Lise McGurn

France-Lise McGurn is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. McGurn’s mixed-media paintings transport the viewer from the public realm of a museum or gallery into the most personal quarters of the artist’s life: her studio, her bedroom, her mind and musings. McGurn’s figurative practice delivers a wholly immersive experience, launching the viewer into a three dimensional world of the intimate and relatable.

The figures that occupy McGurn’s world belong to her imagination. These archetypal women and men, often portrayed in a state of undress, whether in groups, in pairs or alone, recline in both ecstasy and agony. At times, they appear bare and exposed huddled in tense tableaux, seemingly withdrawn in defence. Elsewhere, McGurn’s characters are languid, bathed in air of euphoria.

Solo exhibitions include: Art Now: France-Lise McGurn, Sleepless, Tate Britain, London (2019); 0141, Frutta Gallery, Glasgow (2018); Solo, Recent Activity Gallery, Birmingham (2017); Archaos, Alison Jacques Gallery, London (2017); Mondo Throb, Bosse and Baum, London (2016); 3am, Satellites Programme, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (2015).

Group exhibitions include: Group Drawing Show, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (2019); Sexting, Kate Werble Gallery, New York (2016); The Old Things, Galerie Crevecoeur, Paris (2016); Home Salon, Marcelle Joseph Projects, Ascot (2016); NEO-PAGAN BITCH-WITCH!, Evelyn Yard, London (2016); Apartment 4, curated by Hannah Lees, Rue Jeanne d’Arc, Clermont-Ferrand (2013).