Glasgow International 2020

Fritz Welch

Fritz Welch (b. 1967 Atlanta, USA) lives and works in Glasgow Scotland.

Welch is an artist and musician who plays in various bands, noise units and improvising ensembles. He often collaborates with other artists, performers and choreographers. His working methods hover around and examine various interconnected cultural concerns, that presently include life extension technology, the human monster, psychoacoustic music and the publications of post 1968 radical art groups such as The Diggers, King Mob and Rebel Worker.

Welch’s drawings, sculptures, texts, sound works and performances analyze and dissect the excesses of consumerism and the absurdity of everyday life. He has recently performed in Maarten Seghers theatre work ‘O’ and the quasi-shamanic ‘Holy Smoke’ by Ultimate Dancer. Recent exhibitions include Crack Squad of Situ, History of Art Department, University of Glasgow, 2017; Dream the Re-Animator Flux Acre, Motto, Berlin, 2017; Detailed Tales of Champion Rubbernecker, The Birley, Preston, 2016; NECROFEELIAC CRAPITALIST DAYTIME ARTSHOE WITH THE CURTAINS DRAWN, Hotel, Brooklyn, 2015; We Will Use The Buddy System, GANG UP!, Old Police House Gateshead, 2015-17.

Esther Ferrer with Louise Ahl and Fritz Welch, Jessica Higgins, Sandra Johnston, and Pester & Rossi



Developed in parallel to Esther Ferrer’s performative action I’m Going To Tell You About My Life, MINIMAL/POOR/PRESENT features a performance piece by the Spanish live art pioneer, as well as four new commissions by UK-based artists loosely inspired by her work. Jointly, the two projects claim a continuity and intensified relevance for Ferrer’s wide-ranging artistic legacy in the context of Brexit, amidst global instability and deepening social tensions.

After a lifetime of practice, much of it in exile, Ferrer believes her work to be at its strongest when she uses primarily her own body, keeping props and other elements to a minimum. Anarchism remains a central theme for her.

Supported by Glasgow International and the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy of Spain in London.

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Mon 23 April

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