Gabecare (Tessa Lynch & Rachel Adams)

Gabecare (Rachel Adams and Tessa Lynch)
Gabecare is a collaboration between Tessa Lynch and Rachel Adams established in 2019. Both artists live and work in Glasgow. Gabecare investigates the domestic mess of twenty-first century living. Found in the remnants of dirty dishwater and limescale build-up of toilet bowls, Gabecare is inspired by the little known inventor Frances Gabe. Gabe's hatred for cleaning became her life’s work with her continuing efforts in designing a self-cleaning house.

Gabecare, just like their namesake, devote themselves to cleanliness whilst continually belittling it. Working trans-medially, this project is in a constant state of ‘un-tidying’, hoping to expose the mess at the centre of our daily lives, embracing and revelling in its unravelling.

Solo exhibitions

Gabecare solo exhibitions include: Stoop Stoop Stooping is Stoopid (Gabecare), Studio Pavilion, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow (2019)

Rachel Adams solo exhibitions include: Home Grown, Yoshimi Arts, Osaka  (2020); Hothouse, Hospitalfield, Arbroath (2019); Right Twice a Day, Jerwood Visual Arts Project Space, London (2018); Noon, David Dale Gallery & Studio, Glasgow (2018); Lowlight, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2018).

Tessa Lynch solo exhibitions include: Gardener, Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow (2019); L-Shaped Room, Spike Island, Bristol (2017); Now, National Galleries Scotland, Modern One, Edinburgh (solo room presentation) (2016); Wave Machine, David Dale, Glasgow (2016); Painter’s Table, GoMA, Glasgow for Glasgow International Director’s Programme (2016).

Instagram: @gabecare