Glasgow International 2020

Hannah Reynolds

Hannah Reynolds (b. 1992 in Edinburgh, UK) lives and works in Glasgow, UK. Central to Reynolds’ artistic practice is an affection for the role of the spectator in both a cinematic and oneiric situation. In both the psychical and mechanical processes, a wealth of visual information plays out, laying before you a narrative laden with symbolism and vulnerable to interpretation.

Drawings, paintings and objects are made in an episodic manner where a formula will take hold and marks will be repeated, magnified and obsessed over, before being substituted for a entirely new set of rules. Adopting a diaristic approach, the works somewhat fulfil the role of the screen or mirror. Repetition of motif attempts to hark back to a murder mystery once watched or illustrate an anecdote that cannot quite be recalled or one that you would rather not detail.

Reynolds is 1/3 of Florida, a collaborative curatorial project based in Glasgow.

Group exhibitions include: Group exhibition, Good Press, Glasgow, UK (2017); Baby you’re the boss at home, Glasgow Open House Festival, Glasgow, UK (2017); Picture a Garden, The Number Shop, Edinburgh, UK (2017); Things, Suite 2/2, 6 Dixon Street, Glasgow, UK (2017); Assume an open posture, Collar, Manchester, UK (2017); As the morning lengthened, whole parties appeared over the sandhills, AC Repair Co., Toronto, Canada (2016); Company, Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK (2016); Apart Together, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, UK (2016).

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Florida: Caitlin Merrett King, Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger

Big Time Sensuality


Big Time Sensuality looks at the ideas of collaboration and friendship as part of a continuing exploration into curating and working together within an expanded artistic practice.

Merrett King, Reynolds and Widger present an installation that brings together individual and co-authored works that explore how optimism and self-doubt in production are mirrored in the content of the work, and if this is inherently gendered. Personal experiences are processed through coded language, fictions and associations which are also firmly situated within a wider consciousness of political and cultural expectations.

Merrett King, Reynolds and Widger are Florida, a collaborative curatorial project based in Glasgow.

Supported by Wasps Studios.

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