Hudinilson Jr

Working since the late 1970s, Sao Paulo-based Hudinilson Jr’s practice shifted between autobiographical and diaristic collage, performative collaboration (with collaborative group 3Nós3, 1979–1982), small sculptures and Xerox works that track a little known but expansive and rich life.

Addressing queer issues and sexuality, and the personal and political freedoms arising from the end of military rule in 1985, Hudinilson Jr formed a collection of collaged diaristic tomes, which are full of images collated from newspapers and magazines, photographs and letters and notes from friends. These books reveal that, despite an economy of means, Hudinilson Jr created a personal world which began with the politicized body. The ‘diaries’ juxtapose fragmentary imagery – monuments with youthful male bodies, casual notes and
messages with self-portraits.

Hudinilson exhibited in many major exhibitions, including: Surrender Earthlings, Casa das Rosas , São Paulo (2002)3rd Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2001); 18th São Paulo Biennial, Puerto Rico (1985);  1st Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba (1984) Art Xerox Brazil, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Puerto Rico (1984) . 

Following the sad death of Hudinilson Jr in August 2013 this key presentation of the artist's work looks back across 35 years of his