Huhtamaki Wab

Huhtamaki Wab (b.1984 in Tokyo, Japan) lives and works in London and Devon, UK. Huhtamaki Wab is the alias for the artist Peter Caul's painting practice. Wab's paintings depict a world, animistic, colourful and ecstatic, where spirits and humans are interconnected, relational and dependent. Taking references from ukiyo-e prints of his birthplace, Wab brings these to a contemporary context where competition for meaning is immediate and overloaded. Exhibitions include: Solo Show, Blackwing Studio, London, 2019; Barbara Wesolowska and Huhtamaki Wab, Penarth Centre, London, 2019; Me and my Animal Friends, CCA, Glasgow; 50A.D “Efrin Everywhere” Vevey, Switzerland, 2018.