Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Hussein Mitha

A large yellow cleaning sponge that has been decorated with different coloured paints, assorted types of tape, and mini human figurines.

Hussein Mitha lives in Glasgow. They often work with children and young people pursuing radical education at places such as Red Sunday School and Rumpus Room. Their work always stems from anti-imperialist and communist currents. They recently edited Paradise Now! A climate justice handbook for young people, with Deveron Projects 2022-23. Their collection, Vegetal Soul was published by Rosie’s Disobedient Press in 2023. Their visual art encompasses text and colour collages in vinyl decals and murals. Their 2023 mural, Wir Weben! (We weave!) at Agit, in Berlin, is a curse against the German state, inspired by Heinrich Heine's poem of the same name, and has at its centre a reproduction of a postage stamp made during the German Democratic Republic in solidarity with the Palestinian people.