Glasgow International 2020

Irina Gheorghe

Irina Gheorghe (b.1981, Romania) is based in Berlin and Dublin.

Irina’s performances include: ‘Preliminary Remarks on the Study of What Is Not There’, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane; ‘Foreign Language for Beginners’, Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, rhiz (Vienna), Atelier 35 (Bucharest) and tete (Berlin); and ‘The Way to Go’, eXplore dance Festival, WASP (Bucharest).

She has participated in group shows such as ‘Heroism Rises in a Warehouse’, Salonul de Proiecte (Bucharest); ‘The Heart Is Deceitful Above all Things’, (HOME Manchester); and ‘Parasite and Mimicry’, (CAC Vilnius).

She also works as part of the artist duo, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research. BMR’s solo shows include ‘Alien Passions’, Skolska 28 (Prague); ‘End Pit’, DEPO (Istanbul); and ‘The Bureau of Melodramatic Research’, Galeria Posibilă (Bucharest).

Bianca Baldi, Irina Gheorghe, Kapwani Kiwanga, Alex Impey, Nina Liebenberg, Sarah Pierce, and Alexandra Sukhareva

The Landis Museum


The Landis Museum is a “museum of the encounter” – an institution-within-an-institution constructed to explore various forms of interfacing made visible by the objects exhibited within it.

It contains works by a number of international artists, which have not been gathered as a result of their specific content, but by something within their mode of operation, their starting points, or the manner in which they seek to be read. The exhibits span a variety of media, including sculpture, drawing, performance and video.

Supported by Glasgow International and Culture Ireland.

Fri 20 April – Sat 12 May
Open Mon-Sun until 6 May, 12pm-5pm

Then open Fri 11 &  Sat 12 May12pm-5pm

Irina Gheorghe

Foreign Language for Beginners


Foreign Language for Beginners (2015 – ongoing) is a developing performance work by Irina Gheorghe, which explores the dynamics and history of an improbable first contact by way of speech, sound and movement. It is a conversation with the world outside the word, by way of word, inside a room. The performance starts with simple messages that were composed and gathered by the SETI Institute in order to be sent into outer space, which are directed at the audience in the second person. However, as the performance progresses, the mode of address, the form the language takes, and the situations described begin to get a little weirder…



Sun 22nd April, 3.30-4pm

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