Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Jack Murphy

The image shown above represent the Glasgow International 2024 project that Jack Murphy is participating in, not the artist’s individual practice.

Jack Murphy is a low-fi DIY cheapskate ugly artist. Cutthroat mutant gherkins and swirling wormholes in thigh-high heels haunt their dreams leaving them dizzy and dopey, hazily piecing together remembered scraps of a fermented reality. Through animation, painting, drawing and sculpture Jack investigates ideas of science fiction, worship and utopia for monstrous bodies from a place soaked in filth and brine. Not quite aligned with either their background in illustration or their current proximity to the fine art world, their practice operates from the centre of a Venn diagram.


  • Programme
    Unnatural* Urges
    A series of brightly coloured objects which have been distorted, in the background an image of an arm with a bird bird resting upon it reaches forwards