Jenkin van Zyl

Jenkin van Zyl is an artist who lives and works in London. Van Zyl’s recent projects have been initiated by guerrilla filmmaking undertaken on the guarded ruins of Hollywood movie sets, combining film, sculpture, and performance in narrative installations.

In these films' fantastical communities – of stunt cowboys in a foley sound studio, ghouls breeding cakes in buried aircrafts, and inflatable beasts hazed at a desert fortress – enact bewildering rituals that play with the limitations and expansiveness of the body.

Conjured with a distinctly queer experience of the world, one that is attentive to the plasticity and potentialities of role-play, van Zyl’s films act as the compulsory yet optimistic laboratory for the construction of new identities. Here binaries of the front and back-stage, self and other, desire and revulsion, and ruin and repair are playfully thrown out in favour for multiple selves, instability, and deviance.

Solo exhibitions include: Cabin Pressure, Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London (2020); Oblivion Industry, The Horse Hospital, London (2019).

Group exhibitions include: Kiss my Genders, Hayward Gallery, London (2019); Hors Pistes, Pompidou Centre, Paris (2020); Kiss my Genders: live, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (2019) and Premiums, Royal Academy, London (2019) as a part of their postgraduate degree.