Judith Leupi

Judith Leupi is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Leupi is mainly working with analogue photography. She is interested in the mundane elements of the urban surroundings, questioning and altering their function or purpose. Leupi often uses her own image material, working with parts of photographs, cutting and folding them into new objects that are then placed in studio sets. She pursues the question of how objects behave within a picture surface and how they can develop a life of their own. Leupi is trying to create a tension between the objects and the picture surface by carefully placing them. The arrangement in front of the camera, the proportions and the exploration of gravity and statics are an important aspect of her images. The movement of the camera, the tilting and angle creates a sort of choreography with the objects. They often seem to be suspended in movement, creeping into the image or delicately hanging on.

Solo / two-person exhibitions

Solo / two-person exhibitions include: A Serious Crowd (with Eva Maria Gisler), Kunstraum 36, Berne (2020); Parallel Vienna (with Toby Christian), Gallery Céline, Vienna (2018); Fugue, o.T. Raum für aktuelle Kunst, Lucerne (2018); I thought I knew you (with Esther Leupi), Alpineum Produzentengalerie, Lucerne (2016).

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: Cantonale Berne Jura, Centre Pasquart, Biel (2019); Holy Wave, Glasgow international, The Lauriston Arches, Glasgow (2018); Jahresausstellung Zentralschweizer Kunstschaffen, Museum of Art Lucerne (2016); MFA Degree Show, The Glue Factory, Glasgow (2016); The Plinth Project, Supernormal Festival, Brazier’s Park, Oxfordshire (2015).