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Kapwani Kiwanga

Kapwani Kiwanga (b. 1978 in Hamilton, Ontario, CA) lives and works in Paris (FR).

In her most recent works Kapwani Kiwanga appears like a scientist, mobilizing her knowledge in social sciences to develop research projects. Following a singular methodology, she creates specific protocols which she uses like filters to observe specificities and capacity to change of cultures; the result can take the form of installations, videos or happenings.

Kapwani Kiwanga studied anthropology and comparative religion at McGill University (Montreal, CA). She has followed the programme “La Seine” at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and also works at Le Fresnoy (a french national centre for contemporary art). She was artist in residence at the MU Foundation in Eindhoven (NL) and at the Box in Bourges (FR).

Kapwani Kiwanga’s works have previously been exhibited in Centre Georges Pompidou (FR), Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Art (UK), the Museum of Modern art de Dublin (IE), the Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Almeria (ES), Salt Beyoglu in Istanbul (TK), the South London Gallery (UK), the Jeu de Paume in Paris (FR), the Kassel Documentary Film Festival (DE), the Kaleidoscope Arena Rome (IT) and at Paris Photo (FR).

Kapwani Kiwanga has been nominated as the Armory Show’s Commissioned Artist, where a solo show was devoted to her work in 2016. Twice nominated for BAFTA, her films have received awards at several international festivals.

Kapwani Kiwanga

Soft Measures

Director's Programme

The continent of Europe is moving towards Africa at the rate of approximately 2cm per year – eventually it will slide underneath entirely. Paris-based Canadian artist Kapwani Kiwanga takes this fact as a starting point for a new multi-faceted installation at Tramway. Through new sculptural works Kiwanga suggests speculative fictions that stretch through a perspective of deep geological time.

The placement of curtains will suggest the meeting of tectonic planes, whilst additional elements incorporating rocks and matter will further probe the thematic currents underlying the work. Kiwanga has conceived the exhibition as a narrative ordered in three acts occupying the space. In this way the artworks become protagonists that operate as tectonic plates, independent but moving along one another – pushing closer or pulling away.

The exhibition will be accompanied by discussions and events devised in collaboration with the artist, offering opportunities for visitors to further expand on the themes it raises.

Comissioned by Glasgow International.

Supported by Canada House, Institut Français’ Fluxus Programme, the Henry Moore Foundation, and Fyfe Glenrock.

Fri 20 Apr – Sun 17 June
Mon – Fri, 12-5pm
Sat & Sun, 12-6pm
Fri 20 Apr 12-6pm


Bianca Baldi, Irina Gheorghe, Kapwani Kiwanga, Alex Impey, Nina Liebenberg, Sarah Pierce, and Alexandra Sukhareva

The Landis Museum


The Landis Museum is a “museum of the encounter” – an institution-within-an-institution constructed to explore various forms of interfacing made visible by the objects exhibited within it.

It contains works by a number of international artists, which have not been gathered as a result of their specific content, but by something within their mode of operation, their starting points, or the manner in which they seek to be read. The exhibits span a variety of media, including sculpture, drawing, performance and video.

Supported by Glasgow International and Culture Ireland.

Fri 20 April – Sat 12 May
Open Mon-Sun until 6 May, 12pm-5pm

Then open Fri 11 &  Sat 12 May12pm-5pm

Cellular World Panel Discussion


Dr. Andrea Phillips chairs a panel discussion with GI Director Richard Parry and artists Jesse Darling, Cécile B. Evans, Kapwani Kiwanga, Mark Leckey and Gary Zhexi Zhang discussing themes prevalent across GI 2018 – including questions of identity at a time of prolific social change; how we are represented and how we represent ourselves online; and utopian and dystopian visions of the future.

Supported by Glasgow School of Art.

Free, booking required. Book via Eventbrite.

Fri 20 April, 12 noon-1.30pm

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