Kateřina Konarovská

Kateřina Konarovská (b. 1988, Czech Republic) lives in The Hague, Netherlands. Konarovská is a textile artist based in The Hague. Her practice is influenced by overlooked or abject phenomena such as social taboos and anxieties, emptiness, fear and consumerism. Konarovská transforms her figurative paintings into tapestries alongside producing textile patterns, printed and sewn as functional items of clothing. In recent years Katerina has worked with schools, artist communities and a Dutch parkour group; providing drawing lessons as collaborative workshops that focus on usable clothing.

Recent exhibitions include: Royal Prize for Modern Dutch Painting, Koninglijke Paleis, Amsterdam (2019), De School, Patty Morgan expo, Amsterdam (2019), Prospects and concepts, Van Nelle Fabric, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (2019), Emperor is naked, Holešovická šachta, Prague (2019), Waiting room, Pavilion gallery, Prague, CZ (2018), Misttake textile shop, Moose space, Den Haag, (2017)