Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Kialy Tihngang

Kialy Tihngang is a multidisciplinary Glasgow-based visual artist working in sculpture, video, textiles, animation and photomontage, often in collaboration with performers and musicians, involving elaborate handmade sets, costumes and props. As a British-born Cameroonian, Tihngang’s research-based practice focuses on colonial European misrepresentation, extraction, and demonisation of West African cultural practices. It is also about her own misremembering, misreading, and romanticisation of said practices, primarily by designing artefacts from reimagined histories and speculated futures. The works combine the dark humour of Nollywood with the aesthetics of retrofuturism and satirise the visual language of advertisements aimed at mass Western audiences. Tihngang uses these tools to explore Blackness, queerness, Britishness, and the crushing structural oppressions that surround these personal themes in absurd ways.