Lauren Gault

Lauren Gault (b. 1986, Belfast) lives and works in Glasgow/Belfast, working in installation, writing and performance.

Gault ‘s practice considers how matter and objects may re-communicate or perform event, process, presence or environment. This approach acts as a way to interrogate how objects and materials can be communicative of seemingly intangible or impossible encounters with other systems, times, geographies or physicality’s. Gault is interested in the potential of this idea, opening discussions around the socio, political and ethical implications of our contemporary interactions with matter/objects, and our relationship to the ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ encounter. Gault uses this relationship with materials as an approach to make site responsive sculpture, installation and texts, with recent works responding to ideas around the ‘hyper-object’.

Solo exhibitions include: lumpers and splitters, Prairie Underground, Seattle, USA, (2017); he was there when I first smelled the smell, and now he is the smell, (with Zoe Claire Miller) Rinomina, Paris, France (2016); lipstick-NASA, Jupiter Artland, Scotland (2015); fugue states (with Allison Gibbs), Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland (2015), ; I AM IN/ Losing you, Modern Edinburgh Film School, GSS, Glasgow, Scotland (2015); Plosive blows, Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, The Netherlands (2015);Y.O.R.B, Atelier Am Eck, Düsseldorf (2014); Here Bianca!, GENERATORprojects, Dundee, Scotland (2013); Granular and Crumb, Edinburgh Modern Film School, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland (2013); Sweet ensilage, TRAMWAY, Glasgow, Scotland (2013); Lacks, the duchy gallery, Glasgow Scotland (2010).

Group exhibitions include: The Surface of Shrimp, The Gesture of Soap, UVE Collection, Berlin, Germany (2017); STEM (with Sarah Rose), Baltic39 Newcastle, England (2017); A Pattern Withdrawn, American Medium, New York, USA (2016); The Health Benefits of Eating Silica (event), TRAMWAY, Glasgow International, Scotland (2016); January Blues, Frutta, Rome, Italy (2016); read the room, you’ve got to, curated by Quinn Latimer, SALTS, Basel, Switzerland (2014); Portraits, Still Life and Landscapes, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, England (2014); The Burning Sand (Volume 3), Glasgow International 2014, Scotland (2014); When two or more are together Glasgow International 2014, Glasgow, Scotland (2014); Waking up a Shape, The Woodmill Press, Bristol, England (2014); Dear Green, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2014); You blink at the plughole, Mexico Project Space Leeds, England (2013); My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow, Scotland (2013).

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