Leontios Toumpouris

Leontios Toumpouris (b. 1982 in Nicosia, Cyprus) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. His practice explores alchemical discourse, language in different modes, painting and making. Through matter and body correlations and the interaction with fiction and narrative Toumpouris’ work results in site-responsive installations, text, sound and performance. Clay’s fragility, porous state and tactility allow Toumpouris to construct narratives of interplay between clay and speculative bodies within exhibitions and workshop-oriented formats. Whether experimenting with matter or collectively examining interests, Toumpouris aims to create circumstances of shared agency and initiate dialogue. Working as a youth worker at Queens Cross Housing Association as well as producing events such as talks and screenings are tools he employs to engage with the public. 


Solo shows include: SOM, Eins gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (2020), Relations reversed, Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia, Cyprus (2019), Of particular images, Intermedia gallery, CCA, Glasgow, Scotland (2019), Phyle, cur. Eoin Dara, Custom Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland (2018), Suggestions and Encounters: Physical or Otherwise, cur. Seán Elder, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland (2018), Negotiating Synthesis, Visual Artists Association Cyprus (ΕΙ.ΚΑ), Nicosia, Cyprus (2017). 


Group exhibitions include: It moves and it shouts, cur. Panos Giannikopoulos, Haus N, Athens, Greece (2019), Hypersurfacing, cur. Marina Christodoulidou, NiMAC, Nicosia, Cyprus (2019), Impulses of inalienability, Eins gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (2018), Communicating Vessels, cur. Julia Geerlings, Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia, Cyprus (2017), NSK State Pavilion, 57th Venice Biennale, Palazzo Ca’ Tron, IUAV University, Venice, Italy (2017), A So Disastrous Pathos, St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland (2016). 

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