Glasgow International 2020

Levi Hanes

Levi Hanes (b. 1977 in Cottage Grove, OR. USA) lives and works in Liverpool, UK. Hanes’ art practice frequently explores the role of the artist in a mediated society drawing from a critical orientation towards modernist theories of the individual and materiality and Enlightenment ideas of beauty and the sublime. He uses common objects and ‘stock’ images as starting points for research and exhibitions working through various media in a self-reflexive manner, exposing the manipulation of his investigation embedded within the final painting, object, video or exhibition.

Hanes’ exhibitions act as a series of potential presentations, the variety of subject matter and styles enhancing the possible narratives and celebrating the inherent expansive potential of art making, looking, and cognition whilst examining the historical and contemporary contexts of the objects and images. Drawing on his interests and practice Hanes is currently completing an Irish Research Council scholar programme researching a Practice-based PhD on slapstick comedy in contemporary art practice at the Huston School of Film & Digital Media, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Solo shows include: ‘Balls’, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow, UK (2017); ‘Balls & Things’, Platform Arts, Belfast, UK (2017); ‘Things’, 126, Galway, IRL; Untitled, Intermedia, CCA, Glasgow, UK (2013); ‘The Passenger’, La Bête, Glasgow, UK (2010); and a MFA residency exhibition, Tramway, Glasgow, UK (2009).

Group exhibitions include: ‘Materiality’, University Gallery, NUI Galway, IRL (2015); ‘CologneOFF’, Torrance Art Museum, LA, USA (2014); ‘Thick, turgid and lacking in soothing oil’, Ormston House, Limerick, IRL (2013); and ‘Glueballs and Winos’, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow, UK (2012).

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Erica Eyres, Carla Scott Fullerton, Levi Hanes, Conor Kelly, Garnet McCulloch, Dan Monks, Hirofumi Suda, and Kari Stewart



This group show addresses Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens as a heterotopic space containing its own oppositions; interior and exterior, nature and culture, global and local.

It explores how these paradoxes relate to the interplay of local and global forces upon the communities and places of Glasgow. The artists bring their own experiences as international artists based in the city, to engage with the unique setting of The Botanic Gardens as a site for constructing and maintaining unexpected encounters close to home.

Supported by Canada House.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Sun, 10am-6pm

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