Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Lisette May Monroe

Lisette May Monroe is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. She works with writing, photography and installation to review her experiences of class. These works excavate moments of horror and explore them as hauntings or monstrous entities in suburban or peripheral environments. She is interested in the amplification of drama, shame, aspiration, sex and mystery in these contexts and the ways in which she has been consumed and regurgitated by these monsters. 

Along with Adrien Howard, she is the co-founder and director of Rosie’s Disobedient Press, an artist-led publishing press exploring the intersection of art and writing and platforming marginalised practitioners with a focus on queer, feminist and working-class perspectives.

Lisette is also an Art Critic, reviewing exhibitions and interviewing artists for The Guardian, Frieze, Art Forum (from where she has now resigned), Plaster, and Elephant.