Liv Fontaine 'titwank'


Liv Fontaine

Liv Fontaine (b. Southampton, UK) lives and works in Glasgow. Liv Fontaine's live performances are devastating, hilarious and heartbreaking. Concerned with the politics of relationships and sex she speaks in the language of trauma, pleasure and desperation. Situating herself in the pig trough, she examines her own complicity in this orgy of depravity. Referencing autobiography, feminism and mythologies amongst other things she creates fictional characters and their subsequent narratives. Embodying these personas for public performances she attempts to tease out and expose deeper truths and tensions by presenting radical honesty and total hysteria.

Recent performances include: Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire (2019); Hate the Haus, Laylow, London (2019) Love Hangover, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, UK (2019) Vaseline, Celine, Glasgow (2019) Cannibal O, curated by Catalina Barroso-Luque, CCA, Glasgow, UK (2019) Performance Club TV, Ravens Row, London, UK (2019)