Liv Fontaine

Liv Fontaine is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Concerned with the politics of relationships and sex, her live performances speak in the language of hysteria, trauma, pleasure and desperation. Situating herself in the pig trough and examining her own complicity in this orgy of depravity, Fontaine tells stories featuring the familiar stock characters of sexuality and their subsequent realities.

A Gloomy Masturbation is a project started in 2018 – a period of drastic mental and physical change for Fontaine. Part diary, part fantasy and part information, the drawings invite the viewer on a personal journey, fixating on Fontaine’s many failed romantic relationships, chronicling her own chronic sickness and exploring therapeutic theories of the mind and the precarious political situations or our time.

Solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions include: HURT AGONY PAIN LOVE IT, Richard Saltoun Gallery, London (2020); New Works On Paper by Liv Fontaine, Albert Avenue Flat Show, Glasgow (2018).

Group exhibitions

Groups exhibitions include: Ridiculous!, curated by Paul Carey Kent, Elephant West, London (2020); SuperNormal Festival, Oxford (2019); Love Hangover, David Dale, Glasgow (2019); Vaseline, Celine, Glasgow (2019); Performance Club TV, Raven Row, London (2019); Cannibal O, CCA Glasgow (2019); RUPTURE, ART NIGHT 18, curated by Hayward Gallery, Garden Museum, London (2018).



Events & performances