Lotte Gertz

Lotte Gertz (b. 1972, Odense, Denmark), lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Gertz is a painter who works on various types of raw unprimed fabric, linen and paper using paint, print-making and collage, often making use of left-over works and detritus that accumulates in the studio. Found objects and fragments of her immediate and intimate world have become components in the image making, as well as pre-historic tools, embroidery design, diy imagery, wi-fi symbols and letters of the alphabet. Gertz continuously challenges the notions of hierarchy and value. Many works bypass the stretcher frame, hanging the material straight on the wall she is interested in how they allude to the alternative traditions of craft and textiles whilst remaining in the canonised history of painting,


Solo shows include: ‘Migrating Eye’, Intermedia, CCA, Glasgow, 2019, ‘Rugs and letters’, Glasgow Project room, 2015, ‘The Possibility of Passwords’, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 2013, ‘New Work’, Mary Mary, Glasgow, 2012, ‘Houses falling away’, Aberdabei, Copenhagen, 2010, ‘CAN 07’ (Contemporary Art Norwich), with Transmission Gallery, Norwich, 2007


Group exhibitions include ‘Low Plane Reality’, Efremidis Gallery Berlin, 2019,  ‘Brexit: Mail art from a small Island’, Sipgate, Dusseldorf, 2019,  ‘HIT festival', Haugesund Museum, Norway, 2019, ‘Lotte Gertz, Charlie Hammond, Tony Swain’, Oxford House, Glasgow, 2018, Various borders placed together, Good Press Gallery, Glasgow, 2017, ‘Omgang med Tingene’, Aberdabei, Copenhagen, 2016, A Picture Show, (12 Glasgow painters), GOMA (Gallery of of Modern Art, Glasgow), 2013, Studio 58: Women Artists in Glasgow Since WWII, Mackintosh Museum at Glasgow School of Art, 2012, Lotte Gertz / Mitzi Pederson, The Approach, London, 2009, ‘The Mouse, the bird, the sausage’, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, 2007,  ‘The Poets Still Throwing Up Their Hands – Lotte Gertz / Kalin Lindena / Jane Topping’, The Changing Rooms, Stirling, 2006


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