Martin Steuck

Martin Steuck is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Their practice is broad and seeks to incorporate DIY sound-making and collaborative improvisations, film, drawing, social media performances, comedy and poetry. Through personal experiences of precarity, financial insecurity and physical displacement, they have become interested in listening to different voices which speak of experiences of exclusion, othering and demonisation brought on by austerity, specifically with regards to policies which take explicit and prejudicial aim at massively reducing funding for social care, education, housing and mental health. Their practice seeks to generate an archive of the everyday and connective practices that amplify and give space to neuro-divergent experiences of life in the post-2008 political context. Here Steuck finds the birthplace for a critical faculty, which can help unfold strategies of survival and resistance. 

Solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions include: Exhibition of Drawings, The Space, Stroud (2018); Open House, Farm Studios, Brighton (2017); Megadata Magistus, The Space, Stroud (2014); Crap Seance, Campbell Road Studios, Brighton (2012).

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: Open House with Blackware Ceramics, Farm Studios, Brighton (2016); Group 1, Station Gallery, Stroud (2009) Website:

Events & performances