Glasgow International 2020

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes (b. 1986, Hastings, England) lives and works in Glasgow. Barnes looks to investigate the spaces we occupy and engage with in our built environment and how we fit within them or are forced from them by going through our collective memories of architecture and places once travelled. His images aim to revel in the omnipresent sculptural forms suggested by new and old infrastructure. The speed of modernity is dictated by the speed of travel, information, goods and people. Barnes tries to show the beauty and madness of this and looks to uncover the feelings created by our temporary place within it.

Solo shows include: Constructed New, 249 Govan Road, Glasgow (2017).

Group Shows include Bad Idea – Athens (forthcoming), (2018); Bad Idea – 249 Govan Road, Glasgow, (2016); Bad Idea – Adamastor Studios. Lisbon, (2015); Here Now – New Documentary Photography, Manchester, (2014); Static State, Summerhall. Edinburgh, (2012); Static State, Old Motorcycle Club, Bristol, (2010); Uutus Nyhett, Lahti, Finland (2007).

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Jonny Lyons and Matt Barnes

We Disappear


We Disappear is an immersive photographic odyssey, allowing the viewer to question the still image and its relationship to our physical presence in the landscape of Glasgow. The show confronts the idea that people are disappearing from the landscape in favour of cars, public transport and home entertainment. We still, however, have a place – in public space, in both rural and built environments. An atmospheric, visual and physical feast inspired by the vistas of the city.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Fri, 2pm-6pm
Thu, 2pm-8pm
Sat & Sun, 12 noon-6pm

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