Glasgow International 2020

Megan Jones

Megan Jones (b. 1993 in Bristol, England) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Jones is a researcher and medievalist with a particular interest in understanding contemporary socio-political climates as a result of charged medieval narratives. Jones works to advertise the power of the past by analysing how historical motifs permeate throughout 21st century society.

Selected writings include: ‘For I am as an hyd God in thi sowle’: Machinae mentis, cognition and the virtual plane in The Book of Margery Kempe; Hypermedieval: The American Afterlives of William Randolph Hearst’s Displaced Monasteries; Indispensible Nature: Networks of Human and Non-human in the Life of Saint Cuthbert.

Bryony Rose, Frank Polatch, George Ridgway, Jessie Whiteley, Lewis Prosser, Lilian Ptáček, Lizzie Watts, and Megan Jones

Say What I Am Called


Say What I Am Called takes inspiration from the riddling culture of the Middle Ages to re-engage our delight in paradox, inversion and the unexpected.

At a time when boundaries are either being created or reinforced it seems more relevant than ever to parody and subvert systems of control. Come and navigate an interactive sculpture garden dominated by large obstacles and carefully crafted moments of intimacy: oil paintings encased within aluminium structures; screen-printed banners adorning the walls, ceramic mementos amidst the debris and digital avatars will guide you on your journey.

Supported by WAVEparticle as part of the award-winning Laurieston Art Strategy: Open Spaces, by Glasgow City Council through the Visual Artist & Craft Makers Award and The Eaton Fund.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon & Tue, 12 noon – 6pm
Wed & Thu, 4pm – 7pm
Fri – Sun, 12 noon – 6pm

Partially accessible

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