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Michael Fullerton

Michael Fullerton  (b. 1971 in Bellshill, Scotland) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Fullerton uses a variety of media including painting, sculpture and printmaking. His practice explores the relationship between aesthetics and knowledge, questioning the persuasiveness of evidence and the weight placed on belief. It encompasses radically different works, all of which stem from Fullerton’s specific investigations into various areas of inquiry: including scientific research, local politics and historical figures. Choice of medium is key to Fullerton’s practice, from paint pigment to analogue technologies, as mediating processes that transform the subjects they present.

Solo shows include: Prussian Blue, Zero Gallery, Milan, ITA 2016; Prussian Blue, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK, 2015; Prussian Blue, Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK, 2015; Prussian Blue, S1 Art Space, Sheffield in association with Museums Sheffield, UK 2015; Meaning Inc, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow in association with Generation: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland, National Galleries of Scotland, UK 2014; Meaning Inc, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, US 2014; Columbia, Chisenhale Gallery, London, UK, 2010; Black and White Are Colours, Art Nova, Art Basel Miami Beach, US 2008; Pleasure in Nonsense, Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK 2007; Get Over Yourself, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, US 2006; Art Now: Michael Fullerton, Tate Britain, London, UK 2005; Suck on Science, Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 2005; Are You Hung Up? Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK 2003; Are You Hung Up? Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, UK 2003; Michael Fullerton, British Council, Glasgow, UK 1997.

Michael Fullerton

Seminal event


The historical impact of Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume provides a starting point for new works by Glasgow-based artist Michael Fullerton.

Inspired by Allan Ramsay’s portrait of Hume, Fullerton will present paintings of some the philosopher’s living relatives, many of whom now live in the U.S.

Through these representations of the Scottish diaspora, the works are a reflection on the global dissemination and influence of Hume’s philosophies.

Supported by Glasgow International.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Sun, 12 noon-6pm

Not accessible

Simon Buckley and Othmar Farré Present FOUNDATION PAINTING SHOW

Jedrzej Cichosz, Olga Cerkasova, Adrian Falkner, Michael Fullerton, Paula Henrike Herrmann, Jan Kiefer, Andrew Kerr, Mathis Gasser, Raphael Linsi, Sophie Mackfall, France-Lise McGurn, Victoria Morton, Alys Owen, Max Ruf, Justin Stephens, Mandy Ure, Anna Diehl


Instead of being hung on a gallery wall, the paintings in this accessible and playful exhibition are placed on sofas in the window of the British Heart Foundation shop on Stockwell Street. Each day, Simon Buckley and Othmar Farré will arrange a new configuration of three or four pieces by a host of international artists.

Placed on the sofas, the paintings project a hard-won casualness, a contorted scene set and there they sit, hiding in plain sight, quietly championing the relevance of a little bit of irreverence.

Supported by Glasgow International. With thanks to The British Heart Foundation.

Thu 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm
Sat, 9am-5pm
Sun, 11am-5pm

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